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Home >> Product >>ZJJ-800 Series Hoisting & Metallurgical DC Motor
ZJJ-800 Series Hoisting & Metallurgical DC Motor
ZJJ-800 Series Hoisting & Metallurgical DC Motor
ZJ-800 series mill auxiliary drive DC motor
The characteristics and uses:
ZZJ-800 series mill auxiliary drive motor is the main products of our company, is a reference to IEC-34-13 " the International Electrotechnical Commission mill auxiliary drive motor manufacturing standards ", is an important power equipment of steel industry, working in harsh environment applications, able to withstand frequent starting, braking and frequent overload torque can be reversed, duplicate, main used in the table, pressing device, looper tension roller, shearing machine, clamp hanging machine, ZZ/ZZK, ZZY, ZZJO, alternative products ZZJ2 series motor update.
This series motor is a circular structure, good heat dissipation, used in rectifier power supply, can withstand the ripple current and the current rapid change ( load ) the condition, and the reversing good.
This series motor to maintain 600 series of dimensions, and the power level than the 600 series improve the level, with international advanced level.
Motor insulation class is F, using reliable insulation structure and impregnation process, ensure the stable performance and good heat insulation.
Motor adaptation power supply DC generator, also suitable for static rectifier power supply, when the rectifier power supply connected in three-phase fully-controlled bridge circuit, can not filter reactor can be long-term work well.
Two motor type meaning:
       Z  Z  J     -  8         1  0


Mill auxiliary drive motor   Series code  Motor frame size
Three electrical performance.
3.1 technical data table data should work according to the following conditions
A. is not more than 1000 meters above sea level
B. ambient air temperature is 30 degrees below zero to 40 degrees
C. The working environment should not contain acid, alkali and other corrosive effect on the insulation gas
D. motor with outer ventilation type continuous working system ( S1 ), closed the whole of short-time work S2, full closed intermittent periodic duty S3 ( load sustained rate of FC=30% )
E. motor armature loop and excitation loop by static rectifier power supply, also adapted by DC power supply.
F.This series motor performance are in line with GB5227-85 " mill auxiliary drive DC motor "
3.2 Standard motor with rated voltage of 220V, 440V, other voltage levels may also consult with our company.
3.3 The rated speed  motor according to the motor characteristics consistent with the provisions of technical data in tables, rated voltage of 220V motor can carry out pressure regulation.
3.4 motors in the DC power supply without obvious fluctuation (i.e. to rotate the generator power supply ), motor at rated output power and working system, and the ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 ℃, thermometer measurement does not exceed 75K or electric resistance method is not more than 110K of various winding temperature rise the commutator, the temperature rise measurement does not exceed 85 ℃thermometer method.
3.5 ventilation type continuous duty ( S1 ) or full closed form work system ( S2 ) compound-wound DC motor 1H duration of the excitation ratio of 50% ( and he ) excitation ampere-turns and 50% series of ampere turns.
3.6 ventilation type continuous duty ( S1 ) or closed short-time work system ( S2 ) DC motor 1H limit the maximum speed adjustment rate does not exceed the following provisions.

The basic speed and rated speed ratio %
The maximum speed regulation %

3.7 motor during operation of the provisions, the speed change load to cold, DC motor ventilation type does not exceed 15% of the rated speed, DC motor totally-enclosed does not exceed 20% of the rated speed.
In normal operating temperature, rated load, the rated voltage and rated current, 7.5% speed tolerance motor not higher or lower than the rated speed.
3.8 ZZJ-810 motor and all the motors with compensation winding.
3.9 motor provides a terminal connected to annotation.
Four. The structure of motor
4.1 Protection of motor and mounting structure
A the whole series of protective form:
Totally enclosed type IP44
Ventilation for IP23
B installation in line with the international GB997-81 regulations for IMB3, such as other installation company with a separate agreement.
4.2 cooling methods:
Fully enclosed motor with natural cooling shell surface IC0040 and the fan itself transmission drive air cooled IC0041 two.
Ventilated motor pipeline into the wind, natural IC17 and pipeline wind into the wind, a wind pipe IC37 and IC16 equipped with independent blower three.
The cooling air is required for each machine code ( see table )

seat No.
Ventilation air flow type continuous ratingM3/S

4.3 terminal box position, the driving end, on the right hand side, for the left or top separately with my company agreement.
4.4 The  machines can be equipped with tachogenerator and accessories and pay the drive end
4.5 motor for the double taper shaft extension, its standard taper of 1:10, such as the need for taper shaft taper of 1:9 or motor length change further with our company agreement.
4.6 Drive motors for elastic coupling, unit with caution as.
Note five.
5.1 before ordering, please refer to the product catalog, specifications and other data for the product. If the required varieties and specifications, etc. data directory, please contact with our company, if you have special requirements, please put forward specific requirements, consult the relevant departments and with the consent of our company, signed a contract with the trial protocol.
5.2 when ordering please specify the type of motor, power, voltage, speed, working system, structure type, cooling way, excitation system, the excitation voltage, output shaft, the outlet box, and accessories, spare parts and other name.
5.3 such as the use of special circumstances, need to damp-heat, prototype number please indicate " TH ".
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