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high-voltage Three-phase induction motorsH
high-voltage Three-phase induction motorsH

Y (YKS), YR (YRKS), YKK, YRKK series middle-size high-voltage Three-phase induction motors


Ambient temperature:     -15≤θ≤40

Frames:                 H355 to H500

Power;                  220 to 1000kw

Altitude;                 Not exceeding 1000 m above sea level

Rated voltage:            380v or on request

Protection class:          IP23 for Y, YR series motors

                                                     IP 44 or IP 54 for YKS, YRKS, YKK,                           YRKK series motors                      

Cooling type:           Fan cooled for Y, YR series motors

                                                Air-air cooled for YKK, YRKK series motors

                                                     Water-cooled for YKS, YRKS series motors

Rated frequency:           50Hz/60Hz                     


Y (YKS), YR (YRKS), YKK, YRKK series middle-size high-voltage Three-phase induction motors are the latest products developed by our company. The motors are manufactured according to the related national standards and comply with ICE standards. They have the properties of high efficiency, low noise, slight vibration, reliable performance and convenient maintenance. New technology and new material are adopted in Y (YKS), YR (YRKS), YKK, YRKK series middle-sized high voltage three-phase induction motors. The frame is made of steel plate welded with each other, which has light weight and good stiffness. The stators adopt the press construction, and the material of the winding is class F instruction. The end of the stator winding is tied and fixed reliable and impregnated with epoxy resin instating varnish .so the insulation performance is very good and reliable, and is capable of resting humidity .Y (YKS), YKK series motors are wound-rotor induction motors. The rotor coils are copper bars wrapped with insulation material of class F. There is reliable jointing between coils as well as the between the leads and coils to ensure the reliable performance of the motors. For these motors, there is usually one shaft extension, and two shaft extensions are available on special order. The motor adopt rolling bearings lubricated with NO.3 ester on lithium. The protection degree of the bearings is IP44 or IP54.standard terminal box mounting is on the right side of the frame view from the drive end of the motor. And it can also be mounted on the left side of the frame on request.


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